B&J Note Investors
Would You Like Cash For Your Monthly Payments?

Are you receiving payments on a private loan? Would you rather have cash now? If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, we can help!

Get cash now!

BRIAN KOLA is a specialist in getting people cash for real estate notes of all kinds.

  • It's Quick
  • It's Easy
  • It's 100% Secure
  • And You Could Receive Cash in Days!
We work with buyers who are standing by, waiting to make estimates on your note. So whether you'd like to cash out or you'd like to assist your clients in a cash out, we are here to help.

To receive a free consultation on your note, please select the "Sell Your Note" link.

If you have any questions BRIAN KOLA can be reached at 360-533-9874.

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