The nationaltourism license is one of the most affordable business opportunities in America today. We have priced this license based on the size of your community. The current license fee is $150 per 1,000
(See Special Promotional Program) population of a given community. For example, if you were to license a community that had a US Census Bureau population of 10,000, then the license fee for that community would be $1,500 per year. 

In addition to the license fee, we charge a small monthly maintenance fee that is designed to help offset the cost of providing the network. This fee is $10 per 1,000 (See Special Promotional Program) population and is paid monthly. So in that same 10,000 population community, the licensee would pay $100 per month for the monthly maintenance fee. 

We are licensing communities today. Once your community is licensed, it is gone

Call us today and get in on this exciting business opportunity. 

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